Former Government and DoD officials acknowledge UFO and that the US military is still investigating UFOs and and monitoring UFO traffic

Scott Cantrell  |   Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:57 PM

When the Air Force program for investigating UFOs (codenamed Project Blue Book) was closed in 1969, the public announcement and reason was there was nothing to the UFO phenomena and nothing of interest to report. This statement has been the mantra and paradigm pushed by the media and press ever since and is the founding reason for their snickering or making a mockery of anyone claiming to see or report a UFO.

The argument made by Ufologists and ufo enthusiasts alike is that this public statement from 1969 and resulting paradigm are false and incorrect. On October 11th, 2017 those in the UFO field were vindicated and their arguments validated. Tom Delonge publicly announced his new company To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science with his officers who have some very interesting backgrounds and important things to say. 

USS Nimitz


Chris Mellon, FMR Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Intelligence publicly acknowledged a UFO encounter off the coast of California by a carrier group including the USS Nimitz. The encounter was published on the military pilot forum and relayed in detail. Mr. Melon confirmed he personally spoke with key participating individuals involved with the encounter and attested the encounter was valid and real.

Luis Elizondo, FMR Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats, USG, informed he ran a program focused on Unidentified Aerial technologies where he personally discovered the UFO phenomena is real.

The important facts to be taken away from the acknowledgement of these individuals are broad and of extreme and vital importance. The fact the UFO phenomena is real is not news for ufologists as we have been reviewing the decades of facts of evidence and witness testimony.

Because the UFO phenomena has now been publicly acknowledged, we as the general public must review all historical information in context of this reality. Reports of UFOs today are commonplace. When documented and reported accurately (Seeing a UFO) they are important but the question regarding these sightings today has to be "Is this technology ours or does it come from another civilization or life form?". This is probably not the most important question we need to be asking.

The documents that originated before 1903, the year the Wright Brothers made their first flight, which include reports of flying objects and crafts are the most important in our history. These reports bring to mind the most important questions for our civilization. 

  • How long have They been here?
  • If They have been with us since before biblical times, are They really a threat to us?
  • Have They openly interacted with us in the past?
  • How has Their interaction with us now changed from Their interactions with us in the past?
  • What must occur for Their interactions with us to change and become more public?

Religious and historical documents and paintings have been interpreted based on the Pre-UFO paradigm. References and images in these records referring to discs and objects in the skies, of people being carried "on-high" or to other lands have in the past been translated through this now defunct or inaccurate paradigm. These references have been looked upon by scholars as notions of fancy, as religious rhetoric or simply erroneous and misidentification of natural or psychological phenomena.

Today we must now revisit our past as a civilization as a whole. We must reassess our history, our interactions and our reactions at the time to learn what if anything changed. Did our ancestors interact with non-terrestrial intelligences in our past? Did these intelligences or They try to impart upon a fledgling civilization wisdom in survival and guidelines for living and developing as a society? Did our ancestors see Them as the God(s) we have and know today? If the answer to these questions are yes then why do They no longer openly interact with us today?

The questions we have to ask are as important as they are volatile. The paradigm for some is the cornerstone of their reality. Care must be taken when reviewing or influencing an individual's or group's paradigm. We must also review ourselves, our society and civilization to accurately ask and answer the last and probably most important of the questions. 

What if we found the answer was a change that if made would result in a global improvement in quality of life for everyone? Can you envision a life and reality close to that of Star Trek? Would that be so bad? These are all questions that each nation, group and individual must ask of themselves. We must each consider that our conclusions could directly impact our future. What future do you want to see?

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