Scott Cantrell of North Georgia named State Director

Scott considers himself a people person and will tell you the most important job he ever held was that of a “tinker man” selling pots and pans for Corning while in highschool and college, gaining the most useful experience of his life working and interacting with people. Although he was not a great salesperson, he did develop the reputation for being able to speak and have a conversation with anyone. His experience and skill at interpersonal relationships has been the single most important factor throughout his working career and in every position he has held.

In college, Scott delved lightly into the paranormal and occult, exploring fields such as astrology, numerology
and practicing meditation. This pursuit exposed him to a
wide variety of possibilities - from mediums speaking during trances to psychic intuitives who were able to locate lost keys and belongings. Strangely, the subjects meshed well with him as he has always held an affinity for fantasy and science fiction.

After teaching himself programming on a personal computer, Scott’s family encouraged him to pursue a career in the technology field. Computers and networking were like second nature for Scott. His first job was with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) working as phone support. His ability to grasp ideas facilitated his rapidly jumping ranks from a phone support technician to assistant network administrator in 3 months. From there, his path included participation in the Y2K rollout for Suntrust Bank, working with a small-time computer shop, and then 6 years in IT for a local city municipality. Today, he is the Senior Systems Analyst for a software company contracting with FAA and DOD to provide an Information Display System for situational awareness for Air Traffic Control, emergency management and security forces. A few of the individuals he works with are aware of his interest in UFO and some have even shared their own stories with him.

Having had his own personal experience shared with his father, Scott has a keen understanding for both the extreme curiosity as well as the anxiety that an individual can have as a reaction to seeing something unconventional in the air or having a close and personal experience of their own. Oddly, he is not afraid of seeing a UFO up close or having his own encounter, as long has he has total recall of his experience. This perspective led him to become active in the idea behind the work of Steven Greer of human-initiated contact with non-terrestrial beings. It was a combination of his interest in human-initiated contact and the television series, Hangar 1, that led Scott to join MUFON in June 2015 as a means for identifying locations of frequent encounters. Upon learning the classification and rating system used by MUFON for identifying types of reports, Scott has been working on making a change. He is working to extend the current index from 5 to 6 to include human-initiated encounters and experiences which could be applicable in all four characteristics of sightings and experiences.

Scott became a Field Investigator (FI) in February of 2016. Very soon after becoming an FI, he learned of a case investigation that affected him greatly, involving a witness whose entire paradigm was affected by her experience. What impacted him most, was the fact that the FIs investigating the case did not have the resources or contacts to make any recommendations for the witness to assist her to integrate into her new paradigm. The knowledge of the helplessness experienced by this witness was the component responsible for Scott’s primary motivation as a FI, to be in a position and having the resources and contacts to help guide the witness to seek assistance for coping and acknowledging their experiences and change in paradigm. This purpose is a driving force behind his desire to increase his network of colleagues and resources and to make MUFON a common household name in his state.

Recognizing his ability to lead and his predisposition to assert his integrity, Scott was assigned as State Section director for North Georgia in November of 2016, and in the same month, he was selected for the Special Assignments Team and the three-member MUFON Dispute Committee. Today he is State Director of Alabama and Assistant State Director for Georgia. He is working to utilize his ability to network and establish associations with subject matter experts in various fields to build a strong organization, possessing a variety of talents and skill sets to place the MUFON organization as the respected Go-To organization by agencies and individuals alike for UFO-related reports.

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