One of "Their's", one of "Our's" or something from beyond?

posted Dec 4, 2017, 10:03 PM by Alabama MUFON   [ updated Dec 5, 2017, 6:31 PM ]

Scott Cantrell  |   Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:57 PM

Many were talking about the event of October 25 over Northern California and Oregon involving an unidentified white craft flying through FAA controlled airspace. Knowledge of this event was initially limited to those directly involved then percolated through the aviation career field. Diminutive details were eventually shared with a few including Tyler Rogoway who researched and wrote an article he posted on about the occurrence. The article provides known details at time written including confirmation the event occurred.

A craft flying between 35,000-37,000 feet approximately 750kts northbound was observed at FAA Oakland Center on radar and was found to not be broadcasting a transponder identification and information code. The craft was visually confirmed and observed from a distance and reported by commercial pilots with the last known position being around the Eugene, Portland area. Based on information gather and reported in Mr. Rogoway's article it seems while the craft was able to be tracked by other pilots the FAA was able to maintain an approximate location and track through FAA controlled airspace. 

According to the Air Force North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) F-15s from the 142
NT-34A over Death Valley
Photo courtesy Joe Decker

Fighter wing were dispatched out of PDX Portland to intercept and investigate however based on the information gathered the fighters were instructed to go in the opposite direction of the craft's approximate location. Having worked with air traffic controllers I can say that they take their responsibility for safety of flight seriously. The idea seems a bit odd that Air Force air traffic controllers during such an unusual event, that being of an unidentified craft traversing controlled airspace populated with commercial aircraft, would forget their left from right and send the fighters in the wrong direction by mistake.

The article references an individual reporting a call from the 142FW at PDX to cease inquires regarding the incident and speculation is made the aircraft may have been an Air Force relatively secret and modified 737-200 identified as NT-43A or the "Rat 55". According to another of Mr. Rogoway's articles posted on Foxtrot Alpha the NT-43A employees unique and advance radar to test stealth technologies and assess multiple characteristics to understand the strengths and weaknesses of test aircraft's stealth technologies.

Many have speculated the craft to possibly have been a UFO and that it made an abrupt turn that known aircraft today could not withstand. The advances in airframe technology being developed today undoubtedly enable beta test aircraft to handle maneuvers that would cause a commercial craft to fall from the sky. Although the craft was most certainly unidentified, and based on the information available it does not appear to have been an Unconventional Flying Object.

In Mr. Rogoway's research the FAA refused to comment or even acknowledge the event and though NORAD did acknowledge F-15s were dispatched the 142FW refused to comment. This may have been an instance of a relatively secret aircraft "quietly" traveling through FAA controlled civilian air space and getting caught doing so. The alternative could be an aircraft from a foreign power trying to "take a peak" at our defenses but then if that were the case, chances are strong the F-15s would have definitely not been dispatched in the wrong direction. 

Let me know what you think, Unconventional Flying Object, a Foreign aircraft testing the waters or one of our own taking a shortcut but not asking forgiveness? I'm interested to know your thoughts.

Posted with permission
Scott Cantrell

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Thunder of the Gods over Alabama

posted Nov 18, 2017, 5:07 PM by Scott Cantrell   [ updated Nov 22, 2017, 10:21 AM by Alabama MUFON ]

Tuesday November 14 a little after 1:40PM CT, people in a large area of Central Alabama reported a loud boom so loud houses were shaken and even a few windows were broken. As many news agencies have already reported, NASA has been unable to state affirmatively the source or cause for the concussive sound. Some have asked if this was a result of a UFO or perhaps a secret test military aircraft breaking sound barrier traveling at supersonic speed. Another solution was the possibility of the sound being caused from a meteor or bolide entering the atmosphere. 

No one has reported seeing anything at the time the sound was heard which is not surprising. This event occurred just after the
lunch hour when most everyone would have returned to work or into their homes.
 It is possible that NASA or NORAD / USNORTHCOM might be able to review data RADAR data showing something entering the atmosphere. Without witnesses outdoors observing the sky or NASA / USNORTHCOM being able to review RADAR data we are left to speculate on the possible origin of the sound.

WBRC FOX 6 News presented a map detailing the scope or area affected by the sonic boom. This graphic provides some details which may help us in our speculation of the sounds origin. The graphic depicts a probable direction of travel based on the shape of the area referenced. The area is narrow at the northwest or top left and appears to follow a path which widens slightly toward the southeast. The average width of the area enables us to make a presumption that the source of the sound was probably at high altitude. Lastly the length of the of the affected area tells us that the source cause for the sonic wave was most likely traveling at a very high speed. 

With this information we can make some educated speculation on the probable sources of the shock wave. First we will consider a possible military aircraft breaking the sound barrier. Anyone who lives near a military Air Force Base or Military Operations Area (MOA) has at one time or another experienced the shock of an aircraft flying at low altitude breaking the sound barrier of approximately 770 mph. These events can cause houses to shake and windows to rattle in their frames however the scope of area experiencing this effect will be limited to a narrow band equivalent to the width of a small neighborhood. In order for the shock wave to cause physical affects the aircraft must be traveling at relatively low altitude which will inherently limit the area affected. 

As an organization responsible for investigating reports of Unconventional Flying Objects or UFOs I would be remiss if I did not at least touch on the possibility. While we are unable to rule out a UFO as a possible solution historical investigations report these phenomena as being abnormally silent. While we are presently unable to state that this sound was not caused by a UFO we are able to say the more likely solution is likely more mundane in nature.

bolide image
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
The last solution to examine and a source of many erroneous reports of UFO is that of a meteor or bolide entering, or more accurately, colliding with the atmosphere. The term bolide which is possibly unfamiliar to many is a meteor that explodes in the atmosphere. Bolides can have many compositions ranging from rock (iron, copper, magnesium, etc.) to ice and even a combination of many materials in between. These fiery objects are sometimes observed traveling through the air in their fiery demise. Some display plumes of smoke and gasses or appear as brilliant bright balls of light moving across the sky. Others are such short lived and their composition so simple such as chunks of ice, they explode with concussive audible force but leave no visible signs that they ever existed. Knowing the scope of the area affected by the loud boom Tuesday and with the data we have available at the moment, we are comfortable stating that the most likely solution for this event is a bolide of possibly simple composition exploding in the a upper atmosphere.

If more information and data are provided by NASA we may have a confirmation on the source of the explosive sound or even possibly an alternate solution. This analysis of the data currently available to determine a probable or likely source for the disruptive noise is similar to the process we utilize for investigating UFO reports. You are invited to participate with us in the discussion of the UFO phenomena at our quarterly meetings which are open to the public. For schedule and information on attending these meetings, visit our website and click the link Get Involved. Here you can also find information on how you can join us boots on the ground investigating the phenomena in real-time. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

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The DoD is still investigating and monitoring UFOs

posted Nov 6, 2017, 8:57 PM by Scott Cantrell   [ updated Nov 22, 2017, 12:12 AM by Alabama MUFON ]

Former Government and DoD officials acknowledge UFO and that the US military is still investigating UFOs and and monitoring UFO traffic

Scott Cantrell  |   Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:57 PM

When the Air Force program for investigating UFOs (codenamed Project Blue Book) was closed in 1969, the public announcement and reason was there was nothing to the UFO phenomena and nothing of interest to report. This statement has been the mantra and paradigm pushed by the media and press ever since and is the founding reason for their snickering or making a mockery of anyone claiming to see or report a UFO.

The argument made by Ufologists and ufo enthusiasts alike is that this public statement from 1969 and resulting paradigm are false and incorrect. On October 11th, 2017 those in the UFO field were vindicated and their arguments validated. Tom Delonge publicly announced his new company To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science with his officers who have some very interesting backgrounds and important things to say. 

USS Nimitz


Chris Mellon, FMR Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Intelligence publicly acknowledged a UFO encounter off the coast of California by a carrier group including the USS Nimitz. The encounter was published on the military pilot forum and relayed in detail. Mr. Melon confirmed he personally spoke with key participating individuals involved with the encounter and attested the encounter was valid and real.

Luis Elizondo, FMR Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats, USG, informed he ran a program focused on Unidentified Aerial technologies where he personally discovered the UFO phenomena is real.

The important facts to be taken away from the acknowledgement of these individuals are broad and of extreme and vital importance. The fact the UFO phenomena is real is not news for ufologists as we have been reviewing the decades of facts of evidence and witness testimony.

Because the UFO phenomena has now been publicly acknowledged, we as the general public must review all historical information in context of this reality. Reports of UFOs today are commonplace. When documented and reported accurately (Seeing a UFO) they are important but the question regarding these sightings today has to be "Is this technology ours or does it come from another civilization or life form?". This is probably not the most important question we need to be asking.

The documents that originated before 1903, the year the Wright Brothers made their first flight, which include reports of flying objects and crafts are the most important in our history. These reports bring to mind the most important questions for our civilization. 

  • How long have They been here?
  • If They have been with us since before biblical times, are They really a threat to us?
  • Have They openly interacted with us in the past?
  • How has Their interaction with us now changed from Their interactions with us in the past?
  • What must occur for Their interactions with us to change and become more public?

Religious and historical documents and paintings have been interpreted based on the Pre-UFO paradigm. References and images in these records referring to discs and objects in the skies, of people being carried "on-high" or to other lands have in the past been translated through this now defunct or inaccurate paradigm. These references have been looked upon by scholars as notions of fancy, as religious rhetoric or simply erroneous and misidentification of natural or psychological phenomena.

Today we must now revisit our past as a civilization as a whole. We must reassess our history, our interactions and our reactions at the time to learn what if anything changed. Did our ancestors interact with non-terrestrial intelligences in our past? Did these intelligences or They try to impart upon a fledgling civilization wisdom in survival and guidelines for living and developing as a society? Did our ancestors see Them as the God(s) we have and know today? If the answer to these questions are yes then why do They no longer openly interact with us today?

The questions we have to ask are as important as they are volatile. The paradigm for some is the cornerstone of their reality. Care must be taken when reviewing or influencing an individual's or group's paradigm. We must also review ourselves, our society and civilization to accurately ask and answer the last and probably most important of the questions. 

What if we found the answer was a change that if made would result in a global improvement in quality of life for everyone? Can you envision a life and reality close to that of Star Trek? Would that be so bad? These are all questions that each nation, group and individual must ask of themselves. We must each consider that our conclusions could directly impact our future. What future do you want to see?

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New State Director named for Alabama MUFON

posted Nov 6, 2017, 7:00 PM by Alabama MUFON   [ updated Nov 21, 2017, 9:40 PM ]

Scott Cantrell of North Georgia named State Director

Scott considers himself a people person and will tell you the most important job he ever held was that of a “tinker man” selling pots and pans for Corning while in highschool and college, gaining the most useful experience of his life working and interacting with people. Although he was not a great salesperson, he did develop the reputation for being able to speak and have a conversation with anyone. His experience and skill at interpersonal relationships has been the single most important factor throughout his working career and in every position he has held.

In college, Scott delved lightly into the paranormal and occult, exploring fields such as astrology, numerology
and practicing meditation. This pursuit exposed him to a wide variety of possibilities - from mediums speaking during trances to psychic intuitives who were able to locate lost keys and belongings. Strangely, the subjects meshed well with him as he has always held an affinity for fantasy and science fiction.

After teaching himself programming on a personal computer, Scott’s family encouraged him to pursue a career in the technology field. Computers and networking were like second nature for Scott. His first job was with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) working as phone support. His ability to grasp ideas facilitated his rapidly jumping ranks from a phone support technician to assistant network administrator in 3 months. From there, his path included participation in the Y2K rollout for Suntrust Bank, working with a small-time computer shop, and then 6 years in IT for a local city municipality. Today, he is the Senior Systems Analyst for a software company contracting with FAA and DOD to provide an Information Display System for situational awareness for Air Traffic Control, emergency management and security forces. A few of the individuals he works with are aware of his interest in UFO and some have even shared their own stories with him.

Having had his own personal experience shared with his father, Scott has a keen understanding for both the extreme curiosity as well as the anxiety that an individual can have as a reaction to seeing something unconventional in the air or having a close and personal experience of their own. Oddly, he is not afraid of seeing a UFO up close or having his own encounter, as long has he has total recall of his experience. This perspective led him to become active in the idea behind the work of Steven Greer of human-initiated contact with non-terrestrial beings. It was a combination of his interest in human-initiated contact and the television series, Hangar 1, that led Scott to join MUFON in June 2015 as a means for identifying locations of frequent encounters. Upon learning the classification and rating system used by MUFON for identifying types of reports, Scott has been working on making a change. He is working to extend the current index from 5 to 6 to include human-initiated encounters and experiences which could be applicable in all four characteristics of sightings and experiences.

Scott became a Field Investigator (FI) in February of 2016. Very soon after becoming an FI, he learned of a case investigation that affected him greatly, involving a witness whose entire paradigm was affected by her experience. What impacted him most, was the fact that the FIs investigating the case did not have the resources or contacts to make any recommendations for the witness to assist her to integrate into her new paradigm. The knowledge of the helplessness experienced by this witness was the component responsible for Scott’s primary motivation as a FI, to be in a position and having the resources and contacts to help guide the witness to seek assistance for coping and acknowledging their experiences and change in paradigm. This purpose is a driving force behind his desire to increase his network of colleagues and resources and to make MUFON a common household name in his state.

Recognizing his ability to lead and his predisposition to assert his integrity, Scott was assigned as State Section director for North Georgia in November of 2016, and in the same month, he was selected for the Special Assignments Team and the three-member MUFON Dispute Committee. Today he is State Director of Alabama and Assistant State Director for Georgia. He is working to utilize his ability to network and establish associations with subject matter experts in various fields to build a strong organization, possessing a variety of talents and skill sets to place the MUFON organization as the respected Go-To organization by agencies and individuals alike for UFO-related reports.

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