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Local opportunities

As we grow as a group we are going to find ourselves in a position to better and more effectively achieve our mission of educating the public. As our Field Investigator base grows and leaders develop we be able to expand our meetings and events and be able to make them more localized to the  

ALMUFON State Sections

sections within the state. 

The map shows the current sections to give an idea of what can be expected in the future. Events will be scheduled so that members and the public will have opportunity to participate in activities across multiple sections.

We encourage and appreciate member and public participation. Volunteers experience the benefits of working behind the scenes. There is also something rewarding about watching as attendees learn and expand their paradigms and understanding of the UFO phenomena.

Our volunteers each share their time and energy for their own and unique reasons but one common to many is the desire to be in service to others. Another is a desire to develop or improve various skills or talents. Opportunities to grow and develop abound and will increase concurrently with our growth.

We encourage all who are interested or just curious about possibly getting involved or volunteering your time to review the section Get Involved. Review and get information on the paths available appropriate for you. We look forward to getting to converse with you and maybe work along side with you.